Victoria Robertson


"I am new to CBD tinctures but as an opera performer it is very important that I reduce anxiety especially, before a big concert. I found the tinctures to be the right balance of reducing anxiety without making me lethargic. So far I’m really happy with the results.”

Victoria Robertson for Preferred-CBD

Victoria has been training as a classical vocalist for over fifteen years. 

Victoria was awarded the title Miss USO, San Diego in the year 2000 for her performance work for the U.S. Military and supporting organizations, a title that she continued to hold for seven years. She has toured overseas and performed aboard Aircraft Carriers and in desert training grounds for the troops and is often invited to headline official government functions. 

With the Armed Forces Entertainment, Victoria has toured in Greenland, England, Netherlands, and Germany. Patriotic American music continues to be one of Victoria's leading repertoires, inspiring patriotism into the hearts of thousands of citizens. Her album Celebrating America, a compilation of American patriotic songs, was sent in thousands of care packages to U.S. Military personnel and their families overseas. 

As well as being a veteran of the stage, Victoria loves to be in front of (and behind) the camera. Currently, Victoria writes, produces, and presents original television documentaries and travel shows including Platinum Playgrounds, for AWE - A Wealth of Entertainment.

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